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   L​et me cr​e​ate 

a peaceful niche

for you.​

About Mari Jordan, Licensed Massage Therapist

As a former traveling corporate executive, I am sensitive to the stress created trying to maintain work life balance. Like many of you, I tried to squeeze as many things into my day as possible. I saw myself as the grand multi-tasker. To get rest, I actually found myself grateful for a line at the grocery just to force myself to stop. My "on the go" lifestyle caught up with me and created some health concerns. It was time for change. Massage reduced my stress, and as a result improved my health.

I graduated from Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about listening and caring for my customers. By scheduling massage services at A Peaceful Niche Massage, I help you create time to stop. No matter the location - your workplace, your event or Excelsior Therapeutics, I can create a peaceful niche for you.

Mari Jordan is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association

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